Discovery in the Dark

Dark Sky Adventures

One of the most magnificent sights in all of nature is the night sky peppered with stars, distant planets and streaking meteors. Luckily for us, Snowdonia has been singled out as a world-beating place to go stargazing having been awarded in 2015 International Dark Sky Reserve status. Dark Sky Reserves are places which experience low or practically non-existent levels of light pollution, revealing all-black skies filled with dazzling stars making them the perfect destination for eager stargazers.

On a clear night in Snowdonia you can see the Milky Way, all the major constellations, nebulas (bright clouds of gas and dust) and shooting stars. The opportunities to stargaze and admire the night sky from the mountains and foothills of Snowdonia are abundant

Why not come experience our dark skies for yourself?

The Milk Way from Rhinog Fawr (@Keith O’Brien)
Tŷ Cipar, y Migneint (@Keith O’Brien)

Stargazing locations in Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve

The map below shows places to go stargazing in Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve, these locations have been recommended as great places to watch the night skies by Snowdonia National Park Authority.

Pick a clear, dry night and park-up in one of these wild and remote spots and escape the ‘switched-on world and enjoy a wonderful stargazing experience in the comfort of one of our vintage VW camper vans.

Things to take on your stargazing trip:

After a few hours under the stars you’ll quickly figure out what you need to take with you on your stargazing missions. Below are just a few essentials that we recommend taking along because it can get surprisingly chilly in the open air, even when it’s been a lovely warm day.

  • You’re either going to want a reclining chair or take a blanket, yoga mat or similar to lie down on. After 5 minutes of craning your neck stood up you’ll be thankful you bought that blanket to lie down on.
  • Layered clothing and an extra warm blanket
  • Binoculars aren’t essential but they’re great to see in a little more detail
  • A red torch to help you navigate to your perfect stargazing spot without ruining your night vision
  • Snacks and a nice warm drink in a thermos
Llynnau Cregennen constellations (@Keith O’Brien)

Key Dates for 2019

It’s set to be an exciting year for stargazers: Eclipses, meteor showers and planet transits.

  • 21st March: The Worm Moon and third supermoon of the year
  • 23rd April: Lyrids Meteor Shower
  • 6th May: Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower
  • 10th June: Jupiter at Opposition
  • 16th July: Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • 12th-13th August: Perseids Meteor Shower
  • 11th November: Mercury Transit