Roadtrip to Penmon Head in Anglesey

A short video of our trip in Bessie, our 1974 classic VW campervan.

Today, we took advantage of Bessie’s day off from taking our guests on holiday, and had a family day trip to Anglesey. Our first stop was Beaumaris Castle, a World Heritage Site that was built as part of Edward the I’s campaign to conquer North Wales. It has a perfect concentric design, is surrounded by a water moat, and has stunning views over the Menai straits and Snowdonia mountain range – it’s just a shame Edward never got round to finishing it! We then took a tour around Beaumaris Gaol, built in the 1800s it is the only gaol to still have it’s gruesome tread wheel insitu.

Our next stop, was Penmon Priory and its amazing dove cote, and then finally we drove down to Penmon Point for a picnic and a short walk along the pebbly beach and enjoyed the views of the lighthouse, Puffin Island, and Snowdonia’s mountains

Bessie at Penmon Head, click HERE to see a short video of our trip

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